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                                                                                      We are Yashesh Plastic Moulding Industries

                                                                                      Manufacturers and Exporters of Quality Plastic Products

                                                                                      We are a ISO 9001:2008 Company

                                                                                      Innovators and Pioneers of Plastic Collapsible Jerry Cans in India

                                                                                      We use only recyclable and food grade plastic materials which are environment friendly.

                                                                                      CSR is our priority

                                                                                      We are a socially accounted firm with strong values

                                                                                      Our products serve humanity and impact lives.

                                                                                      With Modern Technology and Design

                                                                                      Our unique products are spreading smiles

                                                                                      We are suppliers to humanitarian aid agencies to provide relief to people affected by disasters & refugees living in relief camps world wide.


                                                                                      Welcome to

                                                                                      Yashesh Plastic Moulding Industries

                                                                                      About Us

                                                                                      We are manufacturers and exporters of high quality plastic containers of various shapes and sizes. Our product mainly consist of plastic HDPE Drums, Jerrycans, Square cans, Full open top drums, collapsible jerry cans, plastic buckets,semi collapsible jerrycans ,Cubitainers, Water Cans. domestic and household plastic buckets with or without lid , industrial buckets and pails. etc. made by Blow Moulding and Injection Moulding process. These items are used for packaging by various clients in the Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Engineering, FMCG, Food Industry etc and also used by NGO’s and Aid Agencies for relief supply. We are a iso 9001: 2008 registered company.We follow the principle of Promotion, Protection & Integration of Social Accountability Values in the Company for which we have Social Audit Certificate. We undertake to establish clearer understanding of ethics paving the way for fair business practices. Our products confirm to UN standard and based on individual client requirements,UN approvals are taken. We also have IIP certification for a number of products.

                                                                                      The company was started by Mr Yashesh Baldota in 2007 with the support and help of his father Mr Subhash Ratanchand Baldota who was in the plastic business since more than 15 years. Under the dynamic and enterprising leadership of the father and son duo, the company has grown by leaps and bounds and has ambitious future plans for growth in the plastic container industry. With their good business acumen and hard work they have added more machinery and tools over the years and expanded the company product range considerably. The company has pioneered plastic collapsible jerrycans made in LDPE material in India, used by NGO’s and Aid Agencies throughout the world.

                                                                                      We have state of the art manufacturing facility at our unit at Pune, Maharashtra State, India which is spread over 25000 sq ft. Our facility is equipped with latest automatic machinery and tools to execute the production of all our products. The infrastructure of the company is divided into different sections such as manufacturing unit, quality testing unit, R&D and storage unit.

                                                                                      We are trusted by UN agencies, NGOs and international organizations to deliver the products required by those affected by humanitarian crises or natural disasters. We design, develop and supply products with a purpose of improving lives of those affected by disasters and conflicts. We have the manufacturing capability to ensure the efficient supply of relief essentials like jerrycan and buckets to our clients. This is of particular importance when responding to humanitarian emergencies. When a conflict flares up or a natural disaster strikes, we are ready to respond. Having a trusted manufacturing partner is vital to delivering fit-for-purpose quality products. Our vision is to co-create new products in partnership with clients to accelerate innovations in our sector. Our team works closely with the product development to execute and deliver the innovations. Central to our approach to business is the thorough understanding of the purpose of the work carried out by our clients.

                                                                                      In this world of difficult times as the Covid 19 virus is still at large our products are helping our clients who manufacture Sanitizer’s, disinfectants and other cleaning chemicals to pack their products in our containers.

                                                                                      The Company plans and prepares to constantly upgrade its range of products to meet our customers ever changing needs. Our company is always ahead in creating new product highly suitable to the present market trend. Creation is the heart this dynamic company that has taken the world of plastics to new height by introducing a wide range of premium, user friendly products. We have a team of highly qualified managers and skilled workers with many years of experience. Plastic has transformed our lives. Tough and resilient, they are easily replacing conventional media like wood, metal , glass and stone.

                                                                                      We have the manufacturing capability of processing all types of plastic raw materials such as HDPE,LDPE,PP etc. We only use virgin quality plastic raw materials from recognized vendors such as Relience Industries, Indian Oil Corporation, Sabic, Lotrene, Marlex and many other global companies.

                                                                                      Quality checks are regularly done for finished goods to ensure our customers expectations are fulfilled. We have a number of quality testing certificates and test reports available with us on request.

                                                                                      We do not employ labour below 18 yrs of age and do not have any child labour or forced labour working for us. We have working hours of 8 hours per shift and follow disciplinary practices without any discrimination. We ensure all health and safety measures are followed by workers and maintain record books for the same.

                                                                                      We supply and export a variety of plastic items to various countries worldwide and have our customer base spread over Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata in India and internationally in Kenya, South Sudan, Uganda ,Dubai and many countries in Europe

                                                                                      Our clients include a host of the most reputed companies in their respective fields.

                                                                                      Our Products

                                                                                      UNHCR Type Collapsible Jerrycan
                                                                                      10Litre UNHCR Type Collapsible jerrycan
                                                                                      10Litre and 20Litre collapsible jerry can with screw cap and string1
                                                                                      10Litre and 20Litre collapsible jerry can with screw cap and string
                                                                                      Used By NGO's AND Relief Aid Agencies
                                                                                      Uses in daily life
                                                                                      Regular Plastic Bucket With Lid
                                                                                      14Litre Oxfam Type Bucket With Press Tap
                                                                                      14Litre Oxfam Type Bucket With Tap
                                                                                      14Litre Oxfam Type Bucket
                                                                                      Regular Buckets for NGOs and Aid Agencies
                                                                                      TheFull Open Top HDPE Drums
                                                                                      25Litre & 50Litre Narrow Mouth Round Drum
                                                                                      50Litre Rocket Type Can
                                                                                      20Litre, 30Litre & 35Litre Jerry Can
                                                                                      20Litre & 30Litre Square Can
                                                                                      5Litre Round and Square Barni
                                                                                      5Litre Jerry Cans
                                                                                      10Litre Square Can
                                                                                      250ml, 500ml and 1 Litre HDPE Bottle
                                                                                      500ml, 1litre and 5 litre jerry cans
                                                                                      Metal and plastic locking ring for open top drums
                                                                                      Caps and other drum accessories
                                                                                      Mini-Lock(Seal for open top drum)
                                                                                      5mlPP Measuring Cup
                                                                                      Plastic Taps

                                                                                      Certificates & Test Reports

                                                                                      Give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you.

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                                                                                      Contact Us

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